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The Widex 'EVOKE' Series Digital Hearing Aids are truly state of the art. They feature light-weight modern design and leading-edge audio-technology. They are discreet, reliable and affordable.

Prices per aid are based on technology, features and model. Prices start from as low as €900 per aid.

If compact and near invisible hearing assistance is your goal than the IN-The-Ear EVOKE range is the model you should consider. In even the most complex listening situations such as attending a dinner party, enjoying yourself with friends and family or going shopping, ITE EVOKE is an excellent choice, particularly for helping you focus on speech in noise.

Models 440, 330, 220, 110


Number of programs: 2- 5

Listening situations

Parties and social events - Meetings and small groups - Shopping and public areas


  • Comfort for sudden sounds is preserved

  • Natural focus on the voice in front/behind

  • Speech enhancement for the dominant voice in a crowd

  • Enhanced identification and cancellation of feedback

  • Warning signals when connection is lost

  • Excellent performance when talking on the phone, listening to music or watching TV

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